The Lottery of Life

Made at: B-Reel Stockholm
Client: Save The Children
Role: Designer
Year: 2015

The statistical chance of being born in Sweden is 0.08%, and as a way to highlight different problems children around the world are facing on a daily basis, Save the Children are offering you the chance to be born again somewhere else.

This site is a remake of an old flash-site which was produced together with the campaign a number of years ago. It came to Save the Childrens notice that the old site was used as a tool across schools in Sweden, and the old site was neither adapted for modern devices or the kind of use it was subjected to. What it did have was a large bank of content, both text, statistics and images that they tasked us to design into a new, lighter experience. 

The design process was centered around creating an experience with great readability as well as a simple navigation between different countries. The user is able to spin the wheel and read about the country effortlessly, getting bite sized paragraphs about each problem area, which they can either expand to read more or move on to the next. We also added a shortcut in the menu to pick specific countries, to accomodate users who are looking for information from multiple countries.  


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